Best Website SEO Friendly Practices, Tools, Services in India 2022 2023

Leveraging use of the internet to grow your business is a terrific idea. Many people mistakenly believe that if they have a website, they will also have an online presence. Google and other search engines are used by the majority of consumers to find goods and services. Only if your website is indexed, crawled, and has high-quality content will users be able to see it in the search results. It all starts with your website, and here is where the power of search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. For optimal SEO performance, website SEO friendly practices in India are to be carried out effectively.

It is possible to deliver such SEO-friendly websites that attract excellent search engine traffic by consulting the best SEO-friendly website building firms. You can reap long-term benefits from the constructed websites by adding potential content and using fundamental SEO techniques.

Let’s examine the best website SEO friendly practices and strategies used by India’s most reputable website development companies to ensure that generated websites are SEO-friendly and easy for search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo etc. to crawl efficiently and smoothly.

Best Website SEO Friendly Practices in India 2022 2023

Best Useful Website SEO Practices in India

1, URL SEO Optimization

URL SEO optimization Best website SEO practices tools services in India

The URL structure is of the utmost importance and must be knowledgeable, obvious, and adhere to Google’s standards. Each URL should be short, clear, and contain the content’s primary keywords. Some businesses employ alphanumeric or random URLs for web pages that don’t help the goal term appear in search results. In order to improve keyword visibility results in SERP, an optimal keyword must be used for a web page URL depending on the content of the page.

2, Using Content Optimization to Target Effective Keywords

Content Optimization Best website SEO practices tools services in India

Keywords are the words or phrases that inform search engines what the content of a web page is all about. For each web page, conduct research, compile possible keywords, and create quality-optimized content using relevant keyword groups. The King of SEO is content. The SERP is constantly dominated by the highest quality, most recent, and freshest information. To create high-quality material that is pertinent to the topic of the product or service, website development companies enlist the aid of SEO content writers. Non plagiarized contents have better values rather than copied content. So make sure contents are unique and distinct.

3, Make a website that is mobile-friendly.

Make a website that is mobile-friendly Best website SEO practices tools services in India

Today, people use desktop computers, cellphones, and tablets to browse the internet. Making your website responsive to all devices is therefore crucial. Additionally, it guarantees exceptional user convenience, which search engines value. The experience of visiting websites on mobile devices is enhanced by websites that have been created to adapt to users’ mobile devices. Search engine algorithms are compatible with and favor mobile-friendly websites, which perform better in SERP.

4, Build an XML sitemap

Build an XML sitemap Best website SEO practices tools services in india

One of the components that Google values highly is this one. This helps search engines understand a website’s structure and, as a result, which pages are more important and how much you may get from them. All of the website URLs required for indexing and crawling by search engine bots are often included in an XML sitemap. By providing an XML sitemap, you can hasten the search engine bots’ indexing of your website and increase its visibility in search results.

5, Image optimization

Image optimization Best website SEO practices tools services in india

The speed at which Web pages load is slowed down by huge images. Larger picture sizes cause website page loading delays, which raises the bounce rate. Web page rankings in search engines are also impacted by page load times since search algorithms favor pages with higher performance over those that load slowly. Local web development businesses utilize compressed pictures for image optimization and use optimized image formats in web pages. Picture filename optimization is used with an ALT name that incorporates the goal keyword of the relevant web page to increase image search visibility. Designing websites that are optimized for performance, compatibility, and mobile friendliness is made possible by SEO-friendly custom website design services in India.

6, Internal Linking

Internal Linking Best website SEO practices tools services in india

By using the internal links, Google and other search engines can navigate through all of the web pages. Additionally, internal links that are provided on a website as menu items or keyword hyperlinks within the page are crawled by search engine bots. Internal links within the pages of a website also facilitate and improve user navigation.

7, Optimization of Header Tags

Optimization of Header Tags Best website SEO practices tools services in india

Google and other search engines want to know what the page content is about and how important it is in relation to the search query when it comes to ranking a page. Therefore, it will be more advantageous to use optimized header tags with relevant and appropriate keywords.

8, Meta tag optimization

The meta title and description that are tailored to the keywords on the content page aid in increasing exposure in search results. Here, targeted regions and optimized keywords can help with visibility. Additionally, Meta tags are fundamental data about a web page that let a search engine know what they might find if they click on that link.

9, Use Robots.txt

Implementing robots.txt with codes prevent access of the search engine to index non-relevant pages or duplicate pages. Robots.txt tell search engines crawlers what to index and what not to index on a website.

10, Page speed optimization

A website’s usability improves and its value to a search engine increases as it loads more quickly. Additionally, website development firms optimize graphics, other content kinds, and every other aspect that contributes to a quicker page load for desktop and mobile devices. Higher mobile page speed websites having average of above 50 does performs well as search engines tend to higher ranking with better page performance also.

Free Website SEO Friendly Optimization Tools used in India 2022 2023

Website SEO Friendly Optimization Tools used in India

Utilizing several tools and techniques, such as search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate optimization (CRO), mobile browsing optimization, page performance enhancement, and others, is called website optimization. Website optimization using various tools helps in making website SEO friendly for search engines. let’s dive into those tools.

1, PageSpeed Insights

page speed insights website seo friendly optimization practice tool

What SEO tool it is : PageSpeed Insights is a straightforward, no-frills website speed analyzer developed by Google. The results and opportunities from this tool can help to identify and fix errors that affect page speed in both mobile version and desktop versions.

Optimization for : Website page speed, desktop website performance, and mobile website page speed are all things you can improve.

Process : Enter any URL and select “Analyze” to utilize it. A page speed score out of 100 and advice on how to make your site load more quickly are provided by PageSpeed Insights.

SEO Tool URL :

2,  Google Search Console (GSC)

Google Search Console website seo friendly optimization practice tool

What SEO tool it is : Google’s Search Console is a free tool for improving search results having URL inspections features, website sitemap submission features, performance analysis metrics etc.

Optimization for : Faster website page indexing, identify page indexing issues and submit request after fixing it, Track keyword impressions and clicks, look at backlinks, measure SEO performance, and look for crawling and speed issues.

Process : Use it by logging in with your Google account, confirming website ownership, and then waiting for data to be gathered.

SEO Tool URL :

3, Mobile friendly Test Tool

Mobile friendly Test Tool website seo friendly optimization practice tool

What SEO tool it is : It is a free tool for identifying the submited website URL is mobile friendly or not.

Optimization for : Fixing the mobile friendliness of the website that are highlighted in the output results

Process : Use it by searching “mobile friendly test tool” and submit the URL to be checked.

SEO Tool URL :

4, GTmetrix

What SEO Tool it is: The web page speed checking tool.

Optimization for : Page loading time is something you can improve by analyzing the results and find opportunities

Process : Use it by entering any URL and selecting “Test your site” to do a simple performance test. To find out how to speed up your page’s loading, click the drop-down arrow next to each suggestion.

SEO Tool URL :

5, Screaming Frog

What SEO Tool it is: Website crawling software for Linux, Mac, and PCs is called Screaming Frog.

Optimization for : On-page and technical SEO can be improved by looking for broken links, checking HTML and XML sitemaps, looking for duplicate content, checking redirection, and scrutinizing page titles and meta descriptions.

Process : Install Screaming Frog, then enter a URL or sitemap to begin crawling. 500 URLs on Screaming Frog are free.

SEO tool URL :

6, Wave

What SEO Tool it is: WAVE is a tool for assessing online accessibility, readability etc.

Optimization for : Look for accessibility problems that prevent screen readers from accessing your material, such as missing alt text, tiny text size, and contrast mistakes.

Process : Enter any URL, then click through the icon-coded mistakes to see what needs to be changed and discover the significance of greater accessibility.

SEO Tool URL :

7, Google Optimize

What SEO Tool it is: Google Optimize is an open-source tool for website testing that works with Google Analytics.

Optimization for : Test variations of various web sites and gauge their effectiveness using A/B testing, split testing, and multivariate testing (MVT).

Process : Use it by creating page versions, installing the Chrome extension, adding the tag to your website, and signing up for Google Optimize using your Google account. Then, run a new test.

SEO Tool URL :

8, Broken Link Checker

What SEO Tool it is: Broken link checker is a tool for identifying broken links in website at the exact sources.

Optimization for : Helps to eliminate the broken links in a website and thus improving website credibility and integrity. Broken links in a website triggers negative signals to search engines.

Process : Go to and submit website to check for broken links. Click on source to identify exact location and fix it manually.

SEO Tool URL :

9, Image compression tools

Using online tools like and for compressing image file sizes for better web page loading. For WordPress websites usage of plugins like ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Optimization for : Improve image loading in websites faster and hence page speeds.

Process : Submit images in the URLs and adjust compression ratios and press compress

10, WordPress website SEO Tools

WordPress allows to Install plugins that supports SEO. Some of such plugins are Yoast SEO and RankMath.

Optimization for : Add Meta tag details, schema details, content details and more effectively for website pages

SEO tool URLs :,


What SEO Tool it is: Generate sitmap.xml file for website to submit in website root directory

Optimization for : Sitemap.xml file updating with changes, new URLs of the website

Process : Go to and submit website to get updated sitemap.xml file. Add it in website root directory for robots to crawl all updated pages.

SEO Tool URL :

With effective website SEO friendly practices higher ranking visibility can be achieved at greater pace. Expert SEO specialist can take care of auditing the website, analyzing the website status, keyword research, Do on-page and off-page works (Link building) etc. to boost the rankings much faster.

Benefits of Freelance SEO services in India 2022 2023

Benefits of Freelance SEO services in india

  1. Improved website traffic
  2. Better visibility in search engines
  3. Organic traffic boost
  4. Better enquiry, leads or online sales
  5. Quality traffic
  6. Better chance for website clicks 
  7. Potential customer reach around the world
  8. Better business sales boosting
  9. Higher page rank in search results
  10. Improved website search impressions
  11. Targeted keyword presence
  12. Location targeting possible
  13. Quality and relevant content management
  14. Fast responsive media loading with image and video optimization, also indexed in image and video search results
  15. Image search visibility with proper keyword optimization
  16. Flexible keyword-based content creation for more traffic
  17. Business website reputation improvement
  18. Well known social reach at the business location
  19. Improved domain value for its page rank values
  20. Cheaper SEO service cost
  21. Durable results for a long period of time
  22. Improved chances for conversion
  23. Improved user attraction
  24. Brand improvement
  25. Reduced bounce rate
  26. Stay above competitors

Victor Thomas is one of the best SEO specialist in India that provides SEO services for websites to get visibility in search engines. Provides freelance SEO services to clients across the globe at cheap rates. Initial SEO audit report will be given at the beginning stage and payments are only needed to be given after monthly performance reports given by the expert compared to initial SEO audit report.

Special features of SEO services in India 2022 2023 provided by SEO expert are

  • Builds Website Domain Authority 30+ in 3 months
  • Builds Page Authority 20+ in 3 Months
  • Article Guest posting in Domain Authority 40+ websites
  • Link building in High domain authority websites
  • Builds 1500 or more Backlinks in 3 months
  • Monthly SEO performance report that includes Google analytics report, Google keyword performance reports
  • Content enhancements to improve page values in Google
  • Website blog posting targeting locations and keywords to improve traffic

Contact for more information at

Note: May need the support of SEO friendly web developers for on-page tasks

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