Best Website SEO Practices, Tools, Services in Canada 2023 2024

Website SEO has opened the gateways for business to bring potential consumers to the business. It makes sense to use the internet to expand your business. With best website optimization practices several business has uplifted profits and benefits to next level. The idea that having a website equates to having an online presence is a common misconception. The majority of online community use Google and other search engines to find products and services. Only if the website is optimized, crawled, indexed, and has excellent content will it show up in search results. Your website is the cornerstone of everything else, and this is where search engine optimization (SEO) really shines. Effective SEO-friendly website implementation tactics must be implemented for maximum SEO effectiveness.

By getting in touch with the best SEO-friendly website construction companies, it is feasible to create these SEO-friendly websites that receive significant search engine traffic. By adding potential content and utilizing standard SEO strategies, the websites that have been established can yield long-term benefits.

Let’s take a look at the best website SEO friendly practices and strategies used by the most reputable website development companies to ensure that the websites they create are SEO-friendly and simple for search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc. to crawl efficiently and effectively.

Best Useful Website SEO Friendly Practices in Canada 2023 2024

best website seo practices in Canada

1, URL SEO Optimization

The URL structure is crucial and must adhere to Google’s informed, transparent, and compliant standards. Each URL must be succinct, understandable, and include the pertinent text passages. Some companies provide their websites arbitrary or alphanumeric URLs, which lowers the target term’s exposure in search results. The ideal keyword must be selected for the URL of the web page based on the content of the page in order to maximize keyword visibility results in SERP.

2, Using Content Optimization to Target Effective Keywords

The words or phrases known as keywords are used to inform search engines about the content of a website. For each web page, conduct research, generate a list of potential keywords, and then create exceptional content that is suited to certain keyword groups. Content is king in the SEO world. In the SERP, the best, most recent, and most pertinent content is always displayed first. SEO content writers are employed by website development companies to produce high-quality content that is appropriate to the subject of the good or service. Content that is original rather than copied is more valuable. So make sure the information is distinct and original.

3, Make a website that is mobile-friendly.

Nowadays, internet browsing is done on desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Across all platforms, your website must be responsive to mobile devices. Furthermore, it ensures outstanding user convenience, which search engines value. Websites that have been designed to adapt to users’ mobile devices improve the surfing experience on those devices. Website development companies seek the help of SEO content writers since mobile-friendly websites perform better in search engine results pages (SERP). Content that is original rather than copied is more valuable. So make sure the information is distinct and original.

4, Build an XML sitemap

This is one of the elements that Google rates highly. Search engines can learn from a website’s structure which pages are more valuable and which ones are less relevant. An XML sitemap typically contains all of the website URLs needed for indexing and crawling by search engine bots. You may speed up the indexing of your website by search engine bots and improve its exposure in search results by offering an XML sitemap.

5, Image optimization

Websites take longer to load when the images are large. Online pages with larger picture sizes load more slowly, which increases the bounce rate. Page load speeds have an effect on search engine rankings as well since search algorithms favour fast-loading pages over those that take longer to load. Local web development companies use both optimized image formats and compressed images for website image optimization. To boost image search visibility, picture filename optimization and an ALT name that contains the target phrase of the relevant web page are combined. Thanks to SEO-friendly custom website design services, it is able to create websites that are optimized for performance, compatibility, and mobile friendliness.

6, Internal Linking

Google and other search engines can crawl every page by using the internal links. Search engine bots will also crawl internal links that are offered on a website as menu items or keyword hyperlinks within the page. Internal connections within a website’s pages make it easier and more convenient for users to navigate.

7, Optimization of Header Tags

When it comes to ranking a website, Google and other search engines want to know what the content of the page is about and how significant it is in connection to the search query. Use of header tags that are optimized and contain appropriate and relevant keywords will therefore be more beneficial.

8, Meta tag optimization

More visibility in search results is made possible by the meta title and description, which are customized to the keywords on the content page. Here, visibility can be improved by using targeted geographic locations and keyword optimization. Search engines may learn a lot about a web page’s content from its meta tags, which are essential pieces of information.

9, Employ Robots.txt

Robots.txt prevents duplicate or irrelevant pages from being indexed by search engines. Robots.txt is a file that instructs search engine spiders what to index and what not to index on a website.

10, Page speed optimization

As a website loads more rapidly, its usability increases and its worth to a search engine increases. Additionally, web design companies optimize images, different types of content, and every other element that helps a page load more quickly on desktop and mobile devices. Websites with better page performance receive higher rankings from search engines, therefore those with mobile page speeds above 50 do well.

Website SEO Friendly Optimization Tools used in Canada 2023 2024

website seo optimization tools in Canada

Website optimization methods include search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate optimization (CRO), mobile browsing optimization, page performance improvement, and others. Using a variety of tools for website optimization is necessary to make a website SEO-friendly for search engines. Take a closer look at those SEO tools.

1, PageSpeed Insights

page speed insights website seo friendly optimization practice tool services Canada

This is an SEO tool. PageSpeed Insights is a simple website speed analysis tool created by Google. The outcomes and potential applications of this tool can be used to find and address issues that slow down page loading on desktop and mobile versions.

For instance, you could focus on website page speed, mobile website page speed, and desktop website performance.

To use it, enter any URL and click “Analyze”. PageSpeed Insights rates your website’s page speed out of 100 and offers tips on how to make it load more quickly.

SEO Tool URL :

2,  Google Search Console (GSC)

Google Search Console website seo friendly optimization practice tool services Canada

What kind of SEO tool is it? Through the provision of metrics for performance analysis, sitemap submission, and URL inspection features, the free Google Search Console service enhances search engine results.

optimization for: quicker indexing of website pages; spotting indexing problems and submitting a request after they have been fixed; Examine backlinks, assess SEO outcomes, monitor keyword clicks and impressions, and search for crawling and speed issues.

Use it by logging in, authenticating the website with your Google account, and then watching as data is captured.

SEO Tool URL :

3, Mobile friendly Test Tool

Mobile friendly Test Tool website seo friendly optimization practice services Canada

It is a free tool that assesses a website URL’s compatibility with mobile platforms.

improving the website’s mobile device compatibility, as indicated in the output results

Type the URL to be checked into the “mobile friendly test tool” search box to discover it.

SEO Tool URL :

4, GTmetrix

The web page speed testing tool is the type of SEO tool that it is.

By analyzing the data and looking for opportunities, you can optimize for: You can speed up how long it takes for a page to load.

Use it to do an immediate performance test by entering any URL and choosing “Test your site.” You can speed up the loading of your page by using the drop-down arrow next to each recommendation.

SEO Tool URL :

5, Screaming Frog

Its abilities as a tool for SEO: Screaming Frog is a website crawling programme for Linux, Mac, and PCs.

By looking at HTML and XML sitemaps, looking for duplicate material, looking at redirection, and carefully reviewing page titles and meta descriptions, on-page and technical SEO can be enhanced.

Install Screaming Frog before entering a URL or sitemap to start the crawling process. Screaming Frog is giving out 500 URLs for free.

SEO tool URL :

6, Wave

WAVE is a tool for evaluating the usability, readability, and other characteristics of websites.

Keep an eye out for issues with alternate text, small or inconsistent writing, and contrast that make it difficult for screen readers to read your content.

Enter any URL, then click through the flaws that are icon-coded to understand what needs to be fixed and learn the importance of accessibility.

SEO Tool URL :

7, Google Optimize

Google Optimize is an open-source website testing tool that integrates with Google Analytics.

A/B testing, split testing, and multivariate testing can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of several website versions (MVT).

To use it, you must create page versions, install the Chrome extension, add the tag to your website, and register for Google Optimize using your Google account. Run a new test after that.

SEO Tool URL :

8, Broken Link Checker

What kind of SEO tool is it? A broken link checker can locate the exact locations of broken links on a website.

Search engine optimization for: Assists in the removal of broken links from a website, restoring its reputation and integrity. Search engines interpret broken links on a website as negative signals.

To check for broken links, enter your website at Click the source to find it precisely and to make manual adjustments.

SEO Tool URL :

9, Image compression tools

Reduce the size of image files using internet programmes like and for faster web page loading. Using WordPress plugins like ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Websites should speed up the time it takes for images to load.

Submission: Type in the image URLs, tweak the compression, then press compress.

10, WordPress website SEO Tools

WordPress enables the addition of SEO-related plugins. Two of these are the RankMath and Yoast SEO plugins.

Website pages can be optimized more successfully by including information from Meta tags, schema, content, and other sources.

SEO tool URLs :


Its abilities as a tool for SEO: Create the sitmap.xml file and upload it to the website’s root directory.

optimizing for: adding changes and new URLs to the website’s sitemap.xml file

Visit and submit your website to get a new sitemap.xml file. Put it in the website’s root directory so that crawlers may access all changed pages.

SEO Tool URL :

Higher ranking visibility can be attained more quickly with effective website SEO tactics. the two, services To improve the ranks more quickly, a professional SEO specialist may carry out tasks like website auditing, website analysis, keyword research, on-page and off-page activity (link building), etc.

Benefits of Freelance SEO services in Canada 2023 2024

  1. Improved website search impressions
  2. Targeted keyword presence
  3. Improved website traffic
  4. Better visibility in search engines
  5. Organic traffic boost
  6. Better enquiry, leads or online sales
  7. Quality traffic
  8. Better chance for website clicks 
  9. Potential customer reach around the world
  10. Better business sales boosting
  11. Higher page rank in search results
  12. Location targeting possible
  13. Quality and relevant content management
  14. Fast responsive media loading with image and video optimization, also indexed in image and video search results
  15. Improved user attraction
  16. Brand improvement
  17. Reduced bounce rate
  18. Image search visibility with proper keyword optimization
  19. Flexible keyword-based content creation for more traffic
  20. Business website reputation improvement
  21. Well known social reach at the business location
  22. Improved domain value for its page rank values
  23. Cheaper SEO service cost
  24. Durable results for a long period of time
  25. Improved chances for conversion
  26. Stay above competitors

Victor Thomas, one of the top SEO experts in India, offers Freelance SEO services to help websites rank higher in search results. offers clients worldwide independent SEO services. Unlike the original SEO audit report, payments are only required after receiving monthly performance reports from the expert. A preliminary SEO audit report will be provided at the start.

Special features of SEO services in Canada 2023 2024 provided by SEO expert are

  • Builds Website Domain Authority 30+ in 3 months
  • Builds Page Authority 20+ in 3 Months
  • Article Guest posting in Domain Authority 40+ websites
  • Link building in High domain authority websites
  • Builds 1500 or more Backlinks in 3 months
  • Monthly SEO performance report that includes Google analytics report, Google keyword performance reports
  • Content enhancements to improve page values in Google
  • Website blog posting targeting locations and keywords to improve traffic

Contact for more information at

Note: May need the support of SEO friendly web developers for on-page tasks

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