10 New Business Ideas India 2023 2024

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1. Green Energy

Solar panel, Wind energy, Water flow or geothermal heat business.

2. Healthy Food and Beverage

Organic food and beverage business.

3. Ready made Clothing

Ready made cloth, instant stich and tailoring business.

4. EV vehicles

Long range EV vehicles and Quality EV motor business.

5. Eco-friendly houses & apartments

Energy efficient houses, villas and apartments business.

6. Fast charging battery

Long life fast charging battery for mobiles, vehicles business.

7. Stock market investment

Long term investment business in growth rate stocks.

8. Hydroponic Farming

High yield farming, technology based agriculture business.

9. Digital marketing

Website SEO service, PPC ads marketing, Social media marketing business.

10. Drinking water

Water purifying and Mineral water business