10 New Inventions in Electronics to Buy Online 2023 2024

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1. Mini Portable Projector

Carry this mini size electronic projector for presentation, movies etc.

2. 3D Optical Finger Mouse

Make your fingers do the magic of computer mouse with this new electronic invention.

3. Folding electronic drum

Electronic drum best for kids that can be easily folded and carried in bag

4. Car Bluetooth Receiver

Car Bluetooth receiver best for taking calls easily with push of a button

5. Electric Eraser

Obtain precision erasing with new electronic gadget best for artists, civil drawings, kids.

6. Clapping Sound Activated Switch

Switch on and off switch with clapping sound helps to control electronic devices by clapping

7. WiFi Spy Camera LED Bulb

Monitor and get alert of intruders with this WiFi spy camera and bulb combo.

8. Liquid Plastic UV Light Welding Kit

Repair broken glasses, leathers, wires, toys with this UV welding kit.

9. Engraving Pen

Mark items that belongs to you with this engraving pen with names or designs,

10. Scan Body Composition Monitor

Monitor body weight, fat percentage and other body composition values with it.