10 Surprising Kids Christmas Gifts to Buy Online 2023 2024

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1. Flying Orb Ball Spinner

Color changing flying ball with hands.

2. Augmented Reality Kids Globe

Interact with various cultures, monuments, inventions, animals.

3. Magic Kaleidoscope

Optical toy which produces symmetrical colourful patterns.

4. Indoor Hovering Football

Hovers and slides smoothly on the flat surfaces.

5. Multipurpose Activity Cube Toy

Shape sorters, piano, steering wheel, game gears and beads toy.

6. Electronic LCD Writing Pad

Kids can draw, write and play games like tic-tac-toe. 

7. Mini Kids Jazz Drum set

Have fun and upskill kids drum talents.

8. LED Night Lamps

Cartoon character printed LED lamps for kids.

9. Smartphone Controlled Airplane

Fly paper airplane with smartphone.

10. Smiley Emoji Jumping Toy

Press on head and the emoji toy jumps.