8 Best Kitchen Gadgets Under 500 India to buy online 2023 2024

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Kitchen gadgets that are ideal for kitchen activities and chores under Rs.500 in India.

1. Mini Handy Chopper

Chop vegetables and fruits with simple string pulling functions available to buy online under 500

2. Fish Scale Scraper

Without making much stress and effort remove fish scales easily with this scrapper.

3. Handheld Egg Cracker

Easily crack open egg instantly directly into bowl or cooking pan separating yolk if needed.

4. Professional Knife Sharpener

Easily sharpen various size knives with knife sharpener that is ideal for smooth vegetable, meat cutting.

5. Electric Egg Boiler

Boil and steam eggs with electric power rather than the conventional method of burning gas.

6. Vegetable Cutter with Drain Basket

Grate vegetables for cooking directly to bowl and also use the bowl for draining water after washing food ingredients. 

7. Rechargeable Small Mixer

Recharge your mixer with USB which can be used for stirring egg mixture or dissolving beverage mixtures.

8. Portable Electric Juicer

Easy to carry around portable blender best for having fresh instant juice on the go with USB ports.

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