8 Cool Toys for Boys India 2023 2024 to Buy Online

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1. Indoor Floating Hover Football

Boys would love the hovering football to play in indoors

2. Flying Orb Ball

Boys will love it as it brings magical feel when hands are moved belowed it 

3. Voice activated Remote Control Robot

Interactive voice activated robot helps to spend time and have fun. 

4. Remote Control Rotational Stunt Car

Off road capable rotational stunt car for having some outdoor fun.

5. DIY Mini Football Game Board

Experience the thrill of football at indoors with this table board game.

6. Gel ball blaster 

fFire safe gel balls and enjoy your playtime with fun filled action.

7. Extreme Jumping Remote Control Car

Witness the thrilling jumping actions with  this remote controlled car.

8. Mid-sized Foosball table soccer game

Enjoy the football action with your friends with handheld table football game.