8 Electric shock gadgets to buy online 2023 2024

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1. Shocking Potato Game Gadget

Have fun game with this shocking gadget that allows to have fun with friends.

2. Electric Shock Ball Pen

Prank your friends by giving them the taste of shock.

3. Wake up alarm shock clock

This alarm shock clock zaps deep sleepers making them train sleep time.

4. Electric Shocking Stapler Prank

Get shocked with usual stappling procedure best for pranks.

5. Stun gun

Stun attacker with high voltage electric shock

6. Fake electric Shocking Phone

Looks like a real phone but there are hidden shocking buttons.

7. Electric Finger Shocking Game

Finger shocking game to play with friends giving random shock.

8. Electric Shock Lie Detector

Based on heart beat rates detect lies and give shock.