8 Interesting Facts of Elon Musk

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1. Films and TV Shows

Cameo role in Iron Man 2 and The Big Bang Theory.

2. Owns a James Bond car

Lotus Esprit james bond car owned by Elon Musk

3. Dropped out of Stanford

To start first company Zip2 he dropped out of Stanford

4. Almost sold Tesla to Google

Initially agreed in 2013 to a sale price of $6 billion, but it never happened.

5. Born in South Africa

Born and raised upto 17 in south africa then moved to Canada

6. Formed PayPal

Musk's X.com, an online bank merged with another company to form PayPal.

7. Wasn't intial founder of Tesla

Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning founded the company in 2003 and brought Musk

8. PayPal money to create SpaceX

Musk was able to start SpaceX with $100 million he earned when eBay acquired PayPal.