8 Fun Prank Gadgets to Buy Online 2023 2024

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1. Remote Control Fart Machine

Make fart noises to prank friends and family with this gadgets at home or office.

2. Electric Shock Ball Pen

Prank your friends by giving them shock when they press it's top.

3. Plastic Snake Pop Prank Chips Box

Prank friends with fake chips box when opened, out comes poping snake to scare.

4. Electric Shocking Stapler Prank

Looks like ordinary stapler but when used get shocked.

5. Spider in A Box Prank

Give this to friends to open and scare them with jumping spider.

6. Retractable Magic Dagger Prank

Looks like a knife but when stabbed it retracts inside best for pranking.

7. Remote Control Realistic Fake Cockroach

Scare your friends with sizzling moving cockroach that can scare people.

8. Realistic Flopping Fish Prank

Prank you pets or friends with flopping fish that looks very realistic